Project Gunung Bromo

Location : Makassar, Indonesia

Area Size : 1000 sqm

Building Size : 450 sqm

Status : Design Finished

Gunung Bromo House is located in private complex in Tanjung Bunga, Makassar. Our site is combinations of 3 different plots become one plot together. This site is quite large area to meet client needs as master bedroom, 3 kid bedrooms, open layout ( Dining Room, Living  Room, Pantry), Guest room etc. The Strategy applied by us is creating all zoning in one level which mean we develop one story house. ​

​ We have two best spot that people can enjoy it, first in open layout area which mean dining,living and pantry become one area developed with best view to the garden with vertical garden for all of the walls on the garden. Second spot is inner court garden that only owner can access this area, this spot is private view for all bedrooms. ​ We choose unfinished mortar for all walls, the effect of unfinished wall is ambience dominated with ligh grey with natural color to show the truth of material. We choose wooden for corridor and ceiling that we believe it can show natural ambience and blend with the garden.

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